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Handmade Bolga Baskets

Handmade Bolga Baskets

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A beautiful handmade basket eco-friendly and sustainable. Made from the Southern part of Ghana.

A perfect new home gift!

The baskets are made from Elephant grass (Veta Vera). The grass is dried, then each piece of grass is split into two, then rolled back together to give the grass strength and flexibility. The grasses are dyed and dried again before weaving begins.

These baskets are usually called Bolga basket because it is hand woven by women artisans from Bolagatanga which is a region in Ghana, West Africa.

A fast weaver takes 3-4 days to complete one basket and a slow weaver takes a week, since it’s solely handmade.
The handle is covered with leather (animal skin), usually from cow and goat.

How to care for me:
If the baskets are out of shape, they are very easy to reshape just spray a little water onto the basket, wait a couple of minutes and remould with your hands. Do not store in direct sunlight, as the colours will fade over the years.

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