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Positive Affirmations Glass Cup

Positive Affirmations Glass Cup

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Introducing our latest creation – the Positive Affirmation Glass Cup, where every sip is a step towards a brighter mindset.

Immerse yourself in a daily ritual of self-empowerment with uplifting phrases elegantly etched onto the crystal-clear glass.

As the sunlight catches the affirmations, let it illuminate your day and infuse your moments with positivity.

This cup isn't just a glass cup; it's a companion on your journey to self-discovery and encouragement. Elevate your beverage experience, embrace affirmations, and make each drink a toast to your well-being. Because a positive mindset deserves a cup that reflects the optimism within you.

You get 16oz  Glass Tumbler
Glass Straw
Bamboo Lid

Hand Wash Only.
Do Not Soak

Bamboo lid is NOT dishwasher safe! It is best to handwash lid and let it fully air dry as Bamboo can mold if moisture is present for prolonged amounts of time.
Mold can also occur if lid is left on glass can and left sitting overnight.
Lid can be cleaned with equal parts vinegar and water if odours occur.

* I am not liable for improper care of the lid *

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